The Huddle01 Video Meeting experience just got upgraded ⚡️

The Huddle01 Video Meeting experience just got upgraded ⚡️

Say hello to some cool new wallet sign-ins, a new viewport design and finally a google calendar add-on to auto-schedule your workspace meetings 🎥


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Since we rolled out the first version of Huddle01’s video meeting dApp, the goal always has been to provide a more reliable, efficient, secure and immersive video meeting experience to our users.

For the past few weeks, our dev team has been working rigorously on improving the backend to facilitate future scalability solutions and has added new features and upgrades to enhance the user experience.

Here’s a quick dive into what’s fresh on ⤵️

  1. Now, not only the meetings but livestreams can be token-gated too. You can use NFTs, POAPs or Lens Social Graph to token-gate your Livestream happening via Livepeer.

  2. The viewports have a new design to add more focus on the participants. Might as well record your next video podcast on Huddle01 👀 🎙

  3. Say hi to some cool new ways to sign in and express your web3 identity on Huddle01.

We've integrated some more widely used wallets to make the platform more accessible to everyone:

🔐 Phantom: Solana Chain

🔐 Keplr: Cosmos Chain

🔐 Temple: Tezos Chain

And to make it easier for you to pick a DID you like as your display name on Huddle01, we’ve added the support of:

\>< CyberConnect

🌱 Lens

UD Unstoppable Domains

FN Freename

4. The number of viewports on the main screen has been increased from 8 to 16, and the responsive grid now prioritizes participants with their video on for a better view of the platform.

5. Make sure you pick the right backdrop for your video meetings with the new preview feature for virtual backgrounds

6. You can now edit your display name in the middle of the meeting too.

7. Room Lock/Unlock button has been moved to the top right corner of the screen for easy access and a more responsive UI.

Now time for the biggest update: Huddle01's Google Calendar add-on is live 🥳

You no longer need to copy-paste a new meeting room link every time you host a Huddle01 meeting with your teammates. Just download the Huddle01 add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace and auto-schedule Huddle01 meetings with just a quick switch.

Also, watch out for some more exciting upgrades and features coming soon. Here’s what’s in store:

  1. UI Enhancements on the web app: New look for wallet component, preview of peers in the meeting room, and more: April 2nd week

  2. NFT VR Mode powered by MYTY: Option for users their MYTY-compatible NFTs in their wallets as VR filters on the Huddle01 platform: April end

  3. Breakout Rooms: Option to start/join breakout rooms on the web app, and join on the mobile app: April 3rd week

  4. Picture-in-picture Mode on the web app.: Option for users to manually switch to floating mode during meetings, or while sharing their screen. April 3rd week

  5. Audio Spaces: The users will soon be able to host/join events similar to Twitter spaces on Huddle01: April end

Have doubts, or want to suggest some improvements? Hop on to our Discord and come chat with our dev team 🙌

To keep up with our announcements, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. If you are a dApp or service that is interested in integrating Huddle01’s video communication layer, book a call with our experts.