Redefining The Modern Dating Experience with Huddle01

Redefining The Modern Dating Experience with Huddle01

Discover why current dating apps need to change and how you can build apps with better privacy, engagement and experience using Huddle01.


That would be the size of the global dating apps market by 2027, it was already valued at $7,830Mn in 2021. The same year, the dating industry made a revenue of over $12.7 billion, which is projected to grow to $28.36 billion by 2027.

By the numbers, the online dating industry looks like an attractive opportunity for businesses. But many hesitate because of the competition from giants like Tinder, Bumble etc. They think there is no place for them.

But they are wrong. Though these giants have played a significant role in educating the masses, setting up processes and creating an economy around it, it is far from giving its users a safe and secure place to build real connections.

The Problem with Dating Apps

1. Privacy and Security Concerns

More than 300M people globally use online dating apps. While signing up, these platforms require you to submit a lot of personal information like phone numbers, pictures and other details that verify your account. While this is important to verify the authenticity of your profile, this also puts your personal information at risk of being mined. Building a crypto-native dating app addresses these privacy concerns where no centralized entity has access or control of your data.

2. Centralized Decision-Making

Traditional dating apps are centralised which means users have no control over the way people are matched and qualify for varying levels of interactions. Dating is a very personal aspect of a person’s life and it shouldn’t be influenced by preconceived biases of tech giants. Users should be empowered to drive how they get matched.

3. Lack Of Belonging

The dating experience can often get lonely and transactional. This phenomenon is so true that ‘dating app fatigue’ is now a thing. The new-age platforms can address this issue by creating a group experience for users and taking it beyond matching algorithms. While this could be very easily implemented in a virtual set-up, it can even extend to IRL events.

A great example of this is the ‘Love On Leverage’ show on the Unlonely app. It is a live stream where crypto singles broadcast their virtual first date and viewers can bet on whether there will be a second date.

4. Fake Profiles and Catfishing

Blockchain can be used to report fake profiles in many ways.

It establishes immutable user profiles, ensuring that recorded information cannot be altered or deleted without broad consensus. All user interactions, transactions, messaging history, and matches are transparently recorded on the blockchain, challenging deceptive practices.

Cryptographic proof of identity adds an extra layer of security, hindering impersonation. Community verification allows users to collectively validate or flag profiles, while privacy controls balance transparency and user privacy.

Building a Modern Dating App Powered by Web3.0

In case you are thinking of building a modern dating app, go ahead, it’s a great idea - all the tools are right here. The world needs more love and definitely better dating apps to find it. And when you're building one make sure to enable real-time video calls and audio rooms for users for a fun and engaging yet secure experience that fosters meaningful relations - powered by Huddle01.

Huddle01's Infra for Modern Dating Apps

Huddle01's SDK offers a ton of features to help you create a better dating experience for users, no matter where they are. Here's why you should build with Huddle01:

1. Elevated Engagement

Have your users engage with each other via audio or video calls, audio spaces, chat, and live emoji reactions, and keep them hooked on your app with more interactive conversations.

2. Custom Experiences

Create an engaging user interface with custom UI built from the ground up using our SDK. Create a personalized, visually appealing and user-friendly environment, fostering positive user experiences.

3. Token Gating

Implementing token gating requires users to qualify to some extent by owning certain tokens. This ensures a certain level of commitment from users, allowing platforms to conduct filtration. It contributes to a safer and more authentic dating environment.

4. Super-fast Integration

Unlike traditional video SDK service providers, we are exceptionally fast, cutting down your development time by nearly 99%. We achieve this speed while still maintaining extremely low latency.

5. Cross-Platform Support

Huddle01 offers both web and mobile SDKs to help you build cross-platform apps which can be accessed by users from anywhere, on any device. We also support multiple languages including JavaScript, ReactJS, React Native and Flutter.

For more details, read our documentation.

6. Analytics Dashboard (Coming Soon)

The SDK will soon come with an elaborate dashboard that will keep track of all the meetings held on the platform. This will give you a comprehensive view of user behavior, engagement metrics, and performance data, enabling data-driven decisions based on which you can optimize your strategy.

7. Bring Your Own Web3 identity

Give users the ability to login via their wallet, and use their decentralized identities - .eth, .sol, .cyber, .lens and more, as display and favorite NFTs as profile pictures. This enhances security and privacy while also adding a layer of authenticity, personalization, and engagement to the overall user experience.

8. Safer Experience

You can implement moderation tools like muting, and kicking out users displaying undesirable behavior for better safety of others.

Ready to build a better dating app?

Give the Huddle01 SDK a try. It is built with a focus on handling large-scale use cases, and enable users to indulge in the virtual experiences they like - dates, movie nights, spaces and much more to build more meaningful connections.

Check out our Docs to get started or drop us a 👋 on Discord if you need any help.